Lazy Prism Glasses


Lazy Prism Glasses

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The Lazy Prism Glasses are designed to maximize comfort while relaxing and being productive. Effectively preventing strain on the eyes and cramps in the spine, the glasses tilt images at a 90º angle allowing for a comfortable viewing experience while lying down. Compatible with most prescription glasses, these prism spectacles feature an achromatic mineral lens with anti-reflective treatment that offers superior vision protection. Durablely constructed with reinforced polyamide body, these glasses can be used while doing a variety of activities such as using a tablet, playing games, reading books, or watching films. With the Lazy Prism Glasses, you can work or relax in comfort without suffering from neck and back pain!




Item Type: Prism Glasses
Material: Reinforced Polyamide
Color: Black
Dimensions: 16 x 4.5 x 13.5cm 
Weight: 75

Package Includes:

1 x Lazy Prism Glasses

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